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Jacki Cox, Your Results Coach

Jacki Cox is The Founder of Swirls and Licensed Coach with The Results Map. Jacki helps entrepreneur women brush through the barriers and create a balanced business and life.

She launched Swirls LLC in April 2014 as a mobile paint and sip business, and wanted a deeper level of creativity she could help others with. Today, Swirls is a creative coaching and painting business where Jacki helps entrepreneur women brush through the barriers by unleashing their creative potential, and becoming more balanced in their business and life.

Jacki is married and a proud mom of two furry kids. She has a passion for painting, photography and hiking and living a life of adventure, balance and creativity.

Praise for Jacki Cox

The stage was set by powerful and challenging conversation around color. I had an idea of why I am attracted to certain colors but then hearing the discussion being facilitated by Jacki made color much more than just appealing to the eye. I made the connection that color is deeper than appearance and truly evokes emotions and stirs something inside of you.

I was able to break through the idea of what it is to be creative and recognize that I am creative in many more daily activities that I had thought.
- Katie Myers, CEO, CR Conversations


I recently had a transformative experience at the Swirls creative retreat. The most valuable part of the day for me was to connect emotions to painting, extemporaneously. I was really connected to the emotion that I was channeling as I painted, choosing to paint with the colors to which I'm naturally drawn. I would recommend this retreat to others whose clients and coworkers express stress in their personal professional or financial lives. It provides a setting to draw out the creativity that lies within everyone and Jacki’s expertise makes the experience rich and rewarding. I took my business to the next level after the retreat and I will offer this experience to my A+ clients as an annual client appreciation event.
- Mariko Wilcox, Northwestern Mutual Financial Representative








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